SBRT Ltd Serving Up The Aces

Serving Up The Aces: Welcome To A Busy Sporting Summer!

This summer, it doesn’t seem to matter what the weather has been doing as we have been glued to our screens with all the sporting action. The Women’s Football World Cup had us captivated, and we thought this year might be the year where England brought it home. However, losing to the overall champions, USA, in the semi-finals, showed the world that they are a team to be proud of.

Furthermore, Wimbledon has had the nation talking as we cheer on the underdogs, enjoy magnificent comebacks and master our creativity as we try to come up with the nomenclatures for the double’s participants too. Is it Serandy, Wilmur or Murena?

Of course, the team at SBRT Ltd have been hard at work too as we take our training up and down the country. While we may not have time to watch all the sport, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t getting into the spirit of this sporting summer when it comes to our training…

Game, Set, Match for our training!

We’ve been serving up some aces of our own with our unique and bespoke training packages. Currently, our team are working with a large London care organisation to give their team the support they need. Our training not only improves the confidence of the care team but also gives them practical, lifelong skills that can really make a difference in their safety and ability to work.

We want every carer to feel like a winner. The care organisation works with a range of clients, including elderly patients, vulnerable adults and EMI wards. With this in mind, we created a bespoke training plan that was perfectly tailored to their needs.

“The reason our clients find our training so engaging is that we make our training relevant to the candidates. We take the time to get to know our client and what their situation and environment is like so that we can provide a bespoke training plan. This is full of examples that the candidates can relate to and is relevant to their working life. We don’t just do off the shelf courses; we care about making training personal and relevant.” – Nick Attard, Director of SBRT Ltd

So, If you’re looking to take your organisation to the top of the championship, training can help your team to really come together and show your organisation as an industry winner. Find out more about our training services by getting in touch. We’d love to meet for a coffee and chat.

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