Spring brings new beginnings – and refresher courses

Spring is definitely in the air – just in time for restrictions beginning to ease. As we head towards life as we once knew it, who’d have thought one year ago that we would have been separated from family and friends for this long.

It’s been tough on all of us, but even more so for those who have elderly or vulnerable relatives living in care homes. Basis has heard first hand from staff and other healthcare workers how difficult it has been, explaining to residents why they are not able to see their families and not knowing how long it would be until they were safely able to do so.

Unfortunately, we’ve also heard from care home staff about the increasing reports of violence and aggression towards them. Not only from fragile, vulnerable individuals who are confused as to why they have been separated from loved ones, but also from families themselves.

We recently reported that assults on frontline workers had dramatically increased since the start of the pandemic. It resulted in us seeing more and more bookings on to our Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) courses when we opened up again last summer.

More recently, we’ve also nursing agencies, care units, and medical centres, and are doing their mandatory refresher training. This might be something to consider in the coming weeks as lockdown lifts and we begin to see the flow of people increasing.

The course focuses on the safe management of conflict through communication, as well as how to diffuse a potentially threatening or dangerous situation. PMVA course trainers can also demonstrate both non-aggressive as well as hands-on approaches to tackling any violence.

John Davies, Director at SBRT Ltd, said: “We’ve heard about levels of violence towards healthcare workers and took it upon ourselves to make sure our courses were fit to ensure staff could feel safe at work once again. Not only is this training mandatory in many cases, but it can also help address staff concerns and allay fears. We’ve heard feedback many times from course attendees that after their training they have felt empowered and well-equipped to deal with an incident should it happen in future.”

All courses offered at Basis follow strict Covid-19 guidelines, as well as the company’s own Covid secure methods that we adhere to at all times for peace of mind of both clients and staff alike.

If you would like to book on to a PMVA course, either as a new starter or a refresher, we have some availability for April and May. Contact us today to secure your place.

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