Boost Staff Confidence With PMVA Training

Your staff are the lifeblood of your business. In many cases, it doesn’t matter how skilled or intelligent they may be, if they don’t have confidence, they cannot perform at their optimum capacity. Without confidence in their ability, it can make a difference to how situations are handled. In turn, this could negatively affect your business as well as the individual.

How to boost staff confidence

Fortunately, there are many ways to build staff confidence. Sharing experiences, adopting best practices and teamwork can all help to maintain staff confidence. However, one of the best ways to instil confidence in every individual is through training.

In situations of conflict or aggression, staff confidence can falter. Not knowing what the best thing to do is can knock confidence. As well as this, dealing with people who may be aggressive or unpleasant towards staff may mean that individuals can take it personally, damaging their self-confidence too.

With SBRT Ltd, we offer bespoke Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) training to boost staff confidence. This means that they can feel ready to handle any situation that lies ahead of them.

The Managing Director or SBRT Ltd, John Davies says;

With training in communication and conflict management, staff feel prepared to perform at their best and manage the situation with all the appropriate techniques they may need. We also teach hands-on approaches such as breakaway and control for additional peace of mind.”

Why confidence with PMVA is important

  1. Staff empowerment

Giving staff their own responsibilities can be an excellent way to make individuals feel engaged in their work. With training to handle difficult situations they may face with customers or patients, they feel empowered to take on issues themselves and know when to ask for assistance.

  1. Increased well-being, reduced stress

Stress at work is a growing issue. It is believed that up to 70 million working days are lost every year due to workplace stress. With this in mind, to help your staff and your business, managing stress is a priority. PMVA training can help the team to cope with stressful situations that they may come across at work.

  1. Increased knowledge

Knowing how to deal with situations of conflict is an excellent life skill. It is a tool that people will use regularly. It is an adaptable talent that can be applied to all manner of situations. By training staff, you provide them with a transferable skill that will go beyond dealing with a difficult customer or patient.

Benefit your team with SBRT Ltd

At SBRT Ltd, we can create a bespoke PMVA course that is tailored to suit your needs and equips staff with the tools they need for the situations they may face, in any industry. Don’t forget, confidence needs to be maintained, which is why refresher courses can be particularly helpful to keep your staff happy, confident and working at their best.


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