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Designed to give trainers within the industry a fresh, new approach to training. The Train the Trainer course is popular with a number of current or prospective conflict management trainers.

It will cover some of the most up to date and modern techniques that are available and legislation that relates to conflict management. Perfect for those who are looking for a refresher or who want to learn all the knowledge that they need in order to become a training.

Course Topics

Every trainee who passes through the course will then be registered with the Institute of Conflict Management, allowing them to train themselves.
This is a popular course for those businesses that will have an ongoing need to teach their staff on how to deal with conflict management.

They will appoint a number of staff members to be recognised as trainers and deliver the training themselves in house.

Available as a 3 or 5 Day Course

Train others,
become accredited


Looking for more detail, why not download a sample course itinerary? This will give you a full rundown of the typical activities within this course.

Course Enquiry

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