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Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but there is always room for improvement! When it comes to training, even the teachers can benefit from a lesson or two, especially when it comes to safety.

We’re off to NUA Healthcare in Ireland this week to deliver some training for front-line staff and it got us reminiscing about times gone by. In a pre-Covid world, we’ve delivered our “Train the Trainer” courses all over the world in places like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Abu Dhabi, as well as closer to home throughout Europe.

As our next journey take us to Ireland, it’s great to be doing more traveling once again and we are looking forward to meeting our new delegates.

Our Train the Trainer courses are designed to really empower teams and give trainers a fresh, new approach to their own training, as well as offering up to date and modern techniques which are increasingly being used. The courses are also popular with a number of current or prospective aggression and conflict management trainers, because in addition to the up-to-date techniques, it covers off legislation relating to conflict management – so it’s perfect for those looking for a refresher or who want to learn all the knowledge that they need in order to become a training.

This is certainly the case for our front line staff in Ireland. These are nurses and health workers at NUA Healthcare who, unfortunately, are facing an increasing risk of violence and aggression in their roles. A key part of training is the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) aspect, which focuses on conflict management, breakaway and control and restraint. As we wrote about recently, self-defense isn’t all about strength, and course delegates can also learn non-contact skills to verbally diffuse a situation before it escalates, as well how they can safely disarm violent attacks.

The course stays the same, regardless of where we are in the world and that’s the great thing about it. The techniques are so simple, they are universal and regardless of strength or ability. In fact, our possible next stop on our journey is to Qatar later this month to do train the trainer at Hamad International Medical Corporation in Doha – in exactly the same way as if it was back home in Blighty!

Jake Attard Managing Director at SBRT said: “Our aim has always been to deliver simple and safe methods that can be used by anyone, regardless of their ability and where they are in the world – and is that second part that we are proud to deliver more and more for our clients, especially as Covid restrictions on travel continue to lift. We particularly enjoy the diversity and travel it affords us too.”

John Davies Specialist Consultant at SBRT added: “No one should be afraid to do their job and our frontline services are so valuable. To be able to PMVA training in our own country is an important job for us, but traveling abroad and training the trainer the value to enable and empower teams is 10x higher.”

Want to know what previous clients have said about our course? One previous healthcare provider said: “SBRT Ltd have very excellent well trained trainers, they provided our company with excellent 2 day PMVA training. Very well led and professional we will definitely be using them again.”

Read more on what people say here.
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