Train The Trainers Lands In Doha

After months of planning and preparation, the trainers at SBRT Ltd are finally jetting off to Doha for fifteen jam-packed days. It has been a long time in the making, but we wanted to make sure our training was perfectly suited to the needs of our clients in Doha. Now, we’re ready to lead the way with our training techniques and see some of Doha’s beautiful sights too.

PMVA Training in Doha

The SBRT Ltd team are flying out to Doha to support trainers in the Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha. The Hamad Medical Corporation comes complete with a state of the art emergency centre which is the largest in the region.

To support the hospital, SBRT Ltd will deliver a Train the Trainers course to 20 training participants. The eight days of training will cover a tailored approach to the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA). With this knowledge, and after passing the Train the Trainers exam, the 20 trainers will then be able to deliver PMVA training to staff throughout the hospital.

“We believe that PMVA training is essential in all hospitals and medical facilities. Our PMVA course will help to dramatically increase employee confidence when it comes to handling situations that may arise through delivering frontline hospital services. By delivering our Train the Trainers PMVA training to 20 selected trainers in Doha, the staff at Hamad Hospital will have the confidence and skills to take the best course of action if a situation arises.”  – John Davies, Director of SBRT Ltd

As well as eight days of training, the team have scheduled in a few extra days for support and sightseeing. The team will need to make the most of this relaxation time, as from then on, the training schedule is fully booked until 2020.

December Training

Throughout December, the SBRT Ltd team is fully booked with a variety of training courses to help support frontline staff. We’re glad to see that so many businesses, from a range of industries, are prioritising the safety of their employees and are working hard to protecting their staff against situations of violence and aggression.

If you want to improve the protection of your staff with PMVA training in 2020, then get in touch soon as our calendar is quickly filling up! Call now on 01446 740 411 to discuss your training needs.

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