Training, Training, Training, Busiest March Ever

With the signing up of new clients, and demand in the healthcare industry for the highest safety standards for both staff and service users, it’s come as no surprise to us that this March has been our busiest since starting SBRT Ltd. We’ve specifically been delivering a high proportion of breakaway combined with control and restraint training package, in one comprehensive package.

John Davies, Managing Director said, “This March, we’ve ran over 40 courses for 25 organisations, our delivery teams have been really busy!”. John explains how Basis have approached this body of work, “The challenge in delivering the most appropriate material is always one that we relish. Our planning team goes to lengths to discuss with each client that particular organisation’s make up, how the staff interact with service users and to help review existing procedures that are in place”. John continues, “We want to make sure our material is appropriate and tailored to that particular organisation. Yes! Even when we deliver this many courses, we deliver what you need and often give you the tools, with our train-the-trainer courses, to go on delivering training by your own staff”.

However all these organisations, wanting all these courses right now, is not just a coincidence – the demand to have best practice and due care for staff and service users is at the heart of healthcare in 2017. Basis is leading the way in delivering control and restraint training, and aggression deescalation courses.

Nick Attard, Lead Trainer at Basis talks of the challenges facing organisations, “Getting your staff onboard, fully trained and able to understand the guidelines for when, and how to use restrictive physical intervention is now paramount in frontline healthcare organisations. Not only will training enable your team to cope with when situations arise, it will give you the sound knowledge that you are applying the latest techniques in ways that ensure you are meeting best practice guidelines”.

For more information on Basis Courses for your organisation contact John Davies on 01446 740 411.

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