Wide Range Of Safety in the Workplace Training

All our courses are designed to teach practical techniques for your organisations needs. Many of our students work in front-line situations and need to be able to handle aggression, violence and potentially explosive situations. Browse our courses here.

Conflict & Aggression Management Course

One of the most popular courses for those working in front line roles is our Conflict and Aggression Management Course. This course has been designed to enable workers to deal with aggressive or volatile situations without the need for physical measures; a hands off approach.


Breakaway Self Defense

This particular course has been designed to give the trainees simple, easy to use techniques that will allow them to escape from potentially difficult situations; all without relying on their physical strength.


Control & Restraint

The techniques taught within the session are fully hands on, up close and personal approaches that include low, medium and high levels of control and restraint. So the appropriate level can be used in workplace situations.


Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression (PMVA / MOVA)

This course covers conflict management, breakaway and control and restraint all delivered together. For those who are interested in attending this particular course, it can be designed in order to best fit in with your organisational needs.


Single Person PMVA Courses

We are now able to offer Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression courses to individuals, or smaller organisations – take part in a group course. Different locations, different dates. Just pay for the places you require, singles, or small groups.


Train the Trainers Course

This course covers the most up to date and modern techniques that are available and legislation that relates to conflict management. Perfect for those who are looking for a refresher or who want to learn all the knowledge that they need in order to become a professional instructor.


Weapons Disarming

This course is designed to equip those who may have to deal with an armed assailant.


Private Personal Safety Training

This course is designed to equip those who are at risk owing to their financial, business, celebrity status to be able to deal with assaults against them, even to the point of certain weapons being used against them.


Single Person PMVA Courses NOW AVAILABLE

We’ve been asked to run PMVA courses where anyone can sign up (not just company /group bookings).

Well, now you can.

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