Training your frontline staff for the run-up to Christmas

The run-up to Christmas can be a very stressful period not only personally, but professionally too. It may be the season for goodwill, but so often the revelry and increased alcohol use can make situations unpleasant and even dangerous. If you have staff whom are on the front line of the Christmas celebrations when they take a turn for the worst and will be the ones in contact with drunken revellers, then pre-Christmas training may be essential for keeping your staff safe.

Protecting care staff with training

For care staff and nurses, the run-up to Christmas should be a time to be merry and enjoy the fun and joy within work. However, care work becomes much harder and more stressful at this time of year when emotions run high, and there is an increase in alcohol use. Alcohol use brings with it an unpredictable nature which can mean that how you would typically handle a situation, may have to be altered.

Pre-Christmas training for care staff

Unpredictable situations can feel impossible to handle, so training can be a great help for care staff who are on the front line having to take the right response in a variety of stressful, demanding and dangerous situations.

One of the most effective training courses that can help your staff to feel better equipped is SBRT Ltd Prevent and Management of Violence and Aggression.

This course can help care staff to understand effective conflict management and how to respond to situations effectively with essential communication skills. Often a scenario that is unpredictable can leave people in a fluster, but with our useful course that covers communication in a conflict, you can better prepare staff for uncomfortable conditions they may have to face.

As well as communication and conflict resolution skills, our course also teaches learners how to respond safely in breakaway situations. Another important aspect that is included in our course and should be covered at this time of year is safe and legally compliant restraint and control methods.

The director of SBRT Ltd, John Davies says; “We all want to enjoy the season of goodwill and make work a happier environment, but it is the season where alcohol makes care work much harder. With this in mind, our course ensures the safety of staff and fair and safe ways to handle service users”.

To find out more about how our courses can help to prepare your care staff and nurses during the festive season, then get in touch with our team by filling out our contact form.

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