SBRT Ltd is now moving to join the National Federation of Personal Safety (NFPS)

After considerable consideration and discussions with Mark Dawes the Director of NFPS Ltd (The National Federation for Personal Safety) we have decided to set up a Membership scheme that will give you much more value that what you have previously received from the ICM.

For example, the following credible people will be heading up the NFPS Federation

NFPS Advisory Board:

Mark & Deborah Dawes –

Eric Baskind –

Dr Tony Bleetman –

Richard “Ginge” Johnson –

John “Lofty” Wiseman –

There are numerous other Professionals joining the Federation too, all with unique sector competence and experience in a wide and diverse range of professional skills to help compliment your Membership and enhance your CPD.


The benefits of Membership will include some of the following aspect:


  • Certificate of Membership, the use of NFPSFM after their names, with other benefit products to follow (badges, etc)
  • Access to top class legal advice (Mark Dawes has worked as an Expert Witness on the Use of Force for almost 30 years now and has access to some high-profile lawyers)
  • A monthly newsletter.
  • As a member you will be able to access the following courses at a discounted rate of 10%.
  • NFPS/BTEC Level 3 Restraint Instructors Award Course.
  • NFPS/BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructors Award Course.
  • NFPS/BTEC Level 3 Conflict Management Training Award Course.
  • NFPS/BTEC Level 3 Handcuff and Soft Cuff Instructors Award.
  • 25% Discount on Medical Reviews by Dr Tony Bleetman
  • Regular Webinars with leading Industry Professionals.
  • Free business and marketing advice for those who would like it.

The formal launch of the NFPS Membership Scheme is due to take place on the first week in January 2021, but as your Membership is due for renewal before then we are happy to do that now for you and grandfather your Membership cost too. If you would like to do that you will receive NFPS Membership Certification straight away. All new Members we will place into NFPS Membership unless they state otherwise.

We already have huge interest throughout the UK & Abroad to see this move forward and therefore we would encourage you as trainers to get involved in this.

Our Facebook page is:

We will have a web site up shortly.

Web site: *in progress

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