NHS at 70 – Our PMVA Training Wants To Help Nurses, Doctors and Staff For The Next 70 Years

In 2018, the NHS is celebrating 70 years. The year is the perfect opportunity for staff, patients and supporters of the National Health Service to celebrate the achievements and look towards a bright future. At SBRT Ltd, we hope to continue our support of the NHS with our PMVA training for the next 70 years and beyond.

Throughout the year, NHS70 is choosing to focus on a specific aspect of the NHS each month. They also have campaigns to get more people involved in the NHS. Supporters can pledge to use NHS services wisely, give blood and add their name to the Organ Donor Register. To celebrate 70 years, the NHS is on a recruitment drive to get more people on the NHS team so that they can continue the excellent work for the next seventy years.

NHS at 70

The last 70 years have been non-stop for the NHS. In England alone, the NHS treats over 1.4 million patients every 24 hours. Furthermore, there are around 16 million hospital admissions every year. More than that, there are approximately 23 million admissions to the accident and emergency departments at centres across England.

The ability to help so many people, it is definitely worth singing about! As shown by the National Health Singers and their official video, which you can watch here.

How PMVA training can help

Of course, it is not always singing and celebrating for the hardworking nurses, doctors and support staff at the NHS. Their jobs are challenging; resources are stretched and working with patients means there is always unpredictability, with no two days the same. At SBRT Ltd, we always want to help support our NHS and make sure they have the tools and confidence they need to handle every stressful situation they face.

Our Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression course was initially designed for those in the care sector. However, we have since seen how it can help other industries too. We hope the next seventy years will allow us to help more NHS workers stay safe in their workplace. With the tools and strategies to handle any aggressive behaviour, we hope that our training can allow NHS staff to complete their work safely and carefully while minimising the risk of violence and aggression.

If you want to prepare your NHS team with PMVA training, get in touch to arrange your next course.

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