Training To You: On-Site Personal Safety Training Where You Need It

One of the things our clients love most about SBRT Ltd is that we take the hassle of organising training away. After a meeting or phone call, our expert training team create a bespoke training plan complete with content that is relevant to your business. What’s more, the SBRT Ltd team then deliver the training at a location to suit you and your employees. Often this is on-site. However, if there is not a suitable location on-site, then the team at SBRT Ltd will research the best local training facility that minimises travel for the majority of your workforce.

As a result of us working with clients at a location to suit them, the SBRT Ltd team regularly travel the length and breadth of the country. We even travel internationally for our clients, including our upcoming trip to Doha.

So, where can you expect to see us?

Aggression Management Training in London

In the busy capital city, we regularly deliver personal safety training in London. While some may argue that aggression management training is needed in the iconic Houses of Parliament, we provide our training in London to frontline workers.

Our conflict and aggression management course is ideal for the frontline staff who may need to deal with volatile or aggressive situations. We have worked with retailers, pubs, clubs and social care clients across London, helping them to deploy a hands-off approach for conflict management.

Breakaway Self Defence in Birmingham

From the Bullring to the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham is bustling with culture, events, festivals and activities. It also has many leading hospitals and care facilities. Across Birmingham and the West Midlands, SBRT Ltd offers an array of training such as Breakaway Self Defence which can help workers (often in care settings) to diffuse situations where a physical assault can occur.

Our breakaway self-defence training in Birmingham is ideal for giving staff the confidence to handle threatening situations without requiring all of their physical strength.

Train the Trainers in Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant hub of activity thanks to its position as the capital of the North. So many start-ups and businesses are proud to call Manchester home. We know that these busy organisations in Manchester often need their own on-site trainers. This is why SBRT Ltd offers Train the Trainer courses in Manchester. People who pass this course will be registered with the Institute of Conflict Management. This allows them to teach conflict management training to others.

So wherever you are in the country or abroad, SBRT Ltd can come to you with a bespoke training plan that suits your business needs. Want us to come to you? Simply get in touch, and we’ll happily arrange a meeting at a time and location to suit you.

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