Universities, PMVA & Preparing The Next Generation Healthcare Workers

SBRT Ltd is continuing its work with academic institutes, and further education organisations delivering frontline safety training for students preparing them ready for when they are working in hospitals, centres and organisations after their courses.

This continues part of a trend by academic institutes to be focused on equipping students with what they need to operate in a modern working environment where, threats albeit mitigated where possible are still very real.

John Davies, Director at SBRT Ltd said:

We’ve just delivered a workplace safety training course for Occupational Therapy students at Brunel University. It was a real pleasure to help prepare these students ready for the workplace environment.  You could see the pupils confidence growing throughout the duration of the course, as they understood the framework for using the techniques that they were taught.

This course is also the perfect example of how we make sure our material is appropriate and tailored to those participants and the role that they may face in their future organisation and work. ”

Basis has consistently worked with higher education, and other academic institutes throughout the UK. Basis has tailored its content, and courses to match the different needs of these types of organisations and is a trusted partner of many academic organisations.

Basis does not allow participants from other organisations to take part in the same sessions, this means that you will always get appropriate training and tailored courses with your trainees needs in mind. Teamed with the “no charge for travel” – Basis has become renown provider in for academic / higher education institutes across the breadth of the UK.

For more information on a customised Basis PMVA Course for your academic organisation contact John Davies, or Nick Attard on 01446 740 411.

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