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We’ve been lucky enough to experience a period of growth here at SBRT, but we’re always conscious to make decisions about our services that work best for our clients. That’s why we’re looking for your feedback!
SBRT is considering extending our offerings to clients with three courses, with particular relevance to our healthcare clients and course attendees:
  • Basic First Aid Course
  • Lone Worker Course
  • Manual Handling Course
Read more about each one below but PLEASE tell us what you think using this link and answer a couple of very short multiple choice questions:

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Basic First Aid Course

Starting with the basics, our courses would cover all you’d need to know for first aid so that you can look after someone until the emergency services arrive.

These are not like the first aid courses you’re used to, where someone stands at the front and delivers lecture-style theory. There are great games and impressive video as well as colleague interaction, followed by a short test – and if you pass, you get a certificate.
The course will cover:

  • Primary Survey
  • Secondary survey
  • CPR
  • How to adopt the recovery position

We aim to train staff quickly so that they can get back to doing what they do best, safe in the knowledge they can use basic principles of first aid.

Lone Worker Course  

Isolated workers are statistically more at risk than employees who work in groups. If you employ someone who works alone, it’s vital to ensure those risks are kept to a minimum.

Threats to lone staff should be identified early on and controlled, so that they can be trained effectively to deal with those situations.

Our course would focus on personnel who work in the health and care industry, who are often at risk of facing situations of violence and aggression.

During the course we would cover:

  • Awareness of risk
  • How to diffuse situations
  • What management can do to help lone workers feel more at ease

Manual Handling Course 

Organisations are legally required to offer staff adequate health and safety training – especially where risk of harm or injury is particularly high. Not only will this empower your workforce to carry out their employment safely, it can also reduce time off sick.

This course is ideal for businesses that require staff to carry out physical handling. This might involve carrying or lifting heavy loads, but it might also mean assisting people with daily tasks. Whatever the need, staff need to be trained to do it safely.

We will cover

  • How to prevent injury
  • Looking after your back
  • Understanding correct manual handling
  • Lifting, lowering, pushing and pulling as different ways to handle physical loads

Jake Attard, Director at SBRT, says “We’ve been considering ways to extend our services for quite some time. There’s no doubt we are comfortable in our existing training sphere, but our business has grown to a point where we are ready to expand. Our customers have told us they are looking for an all-in-one service when it comes to training and we have access to the experts to make this happen.

“Things like first aid and manual handling are courses that naturally complement the services we already offer – with particular relevance to our healthcare and care industry clients and attendees. We also already work with lone staff offering courses for individuals and organisations. These services should be a welcome addition, but we’re looking to hear what our existing customers and clients think!”

The new courses will likely offer both 1/2 day and full-day courses – although SBRT is also looking to hear from businesses and previous attendees what they would prefer.

Don’t forget to fill in the short questionnaire:

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..or contact us to let us know. You can also check out more info on our existing courses here

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