Our Social Media Presence, How do YOU Deal With Aggression

At SBRT Ltd we have decided to embrace our social media presence and will be taking a much more active presence, using social media to share how our workplace aggression and violence training is helping teams and individuals on the ground level.

John Davies, Managing Director at SBRT Ltd explains more, “We really want to reach out and connect to our clients and the training course attendees, and get that crucial active feedback on how courses have helped them with their day to day work, once they are back in the workplace.” John continues, “To help us achieve this, we’d love you, our clients and training course attendees, to give us your relevant notes on how training has helped you handle aggression at your workplace, or increase your confidence in tense situations.”

In addition to “your stories”, our social media channels have been refreshed, with new imagery, and we will also be posting more casual and engaging news items to these locations; perhaps snippets of industry news, and pieces that may be of interest to HR managers, team managers or staff that have attended our MOVA, POVA or other violence and aggression management courses.

Here are our social channels:

Facebook You can see our SBRT Ltd’s Facebook page, and why not “Like” us?

LinkedIn  – Our LinkedIn page is almost here, and will feature some of our corporate updates.

Twitter Our Twitter page has some great things going on. It also crosses over with our Managing Directors passion for cars. Take a look today.

News Wanted

We also are putting out a request for relevant news, we’d love to hear from our clients. Have you got a relevant piece of your company news, that is related to perhaps how Basis has helped you? Or how your organisation has changed how it operates for the better?

Please direct all information via our contact page.

Why not browse our latest tweets, below:



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