Soring Temperatures and Handling any Workplace Eventuality

Staying sane, and being confident within your frontline workplace can be tough! Particularly when the temperatures hit 30 degrees like they have this week. Temperaments may fray and those that work in healthcare, care industries and any industry that handles the public may have exasperated, angry and tricky to deal with service users and customers. Our PMVA training, help give frontline workers the confidence to deal with these situations fairly, safely and confidently.

In other news we’ve been running our PMVA training courses in Inverness, Scotland. After a warm welcome, we delivered a course, which was well received. The organisation deals with the homeless, and helps get them off the streets, finding places to stay, offering support, toiletry packs and a lot more.

Nick Attard, Director commented:

“It’s always a pleasure to work with new clients, and particularly those that can make such a drastic difference to peoples lives! We hope that our training course instils confidence into the team when they go out on to streets, and enables them to get on with doing their work that makes such a difference”

We also have Wimbledon coming this week and with these temperatures it’s going to be a hot one. If you are looking to be served a PMVA / workplace personal safety training course, then now might be the time to schedule a call to talk through your organisations requirements.

We wish you all a sunny weekend.

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