Workplace Personal Safety Training And Your Organisation

It’s been training as usual for the first part of the year and now May has nearly arrived we thought we’d recap on some recent wins for SBRT Ltd.

You may or may not know that we work further afield than the UK. We’ve been working with and negotiating with a brand new healthcare client based in the Middle East. Basis has consistently worked with agencies and healthcare providers in the Middle East, who have come to trust our reliable brand, the industry and geography specific training we provide and the personal touch that makes our clients return for more training.

John Davies, Director of SBRT Ltd commented:

“We are currently planning a working arrangement with a leading healthcare provider, our role will be to provide ‘train the trainer’ personal safety training packages. This will equip their inhouse trainers to deliver to a wider base than if we were do all the training ourselves. These trainers will also benefit from the latest techniques, and methods for ensuring staff confidence in their ability to do their work, safely”

In addition to the above we are currently running a high volume of personal safety for the care and nursing professionals courses. We work with a leading UK Healthcare provider that employs in excess of 10,000 staff. John Davies, Director continues:

“When large organisations come to us to provide best practice staff safety training, we are happy to jump to the occasion. We’ve worked with this UK based healthcare organisation for numerous years, and the current batch of ‘refresher’ courses that we are engaged in, allow their staff to continue to be confident in their workplace, knowing that they have the best techniques to work effectively”

If your organisation is looking at ways to genuinely provide your staff with the best possible workplace personal safety training, then do contact us, as we can provide a package that will exceed industry standards, as well as provide the confidence that you staff need.

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